Design Biz Assistant

The number one reaction to the business of design is - I spend 80% of my time running my business and 20% of my time actually designing. That is a true reality for creative professionals.

The number one solution to this common issue is to delegate. The challenge with that approach is that most business owners are only able to delegate the creative aspects of the business to their staff. You need someone that you can delegate the BUSINESS aspects of design to, allowing you to focus on creative and client interaction. After all, that is the back bone of your business.

Design Biz Assistant is my response to the need of busy design professionals to delegate the business aspects of design with confidence allowing you to do what you do best… design. From process evaluation and implementation to project management and expediting, you can rest assured that the “back of house” aspect of your business is in good hands.

I cut my teeth in the luxury design market in 2005 and then went on to launch my own design business in 2007 which incorporated design services and a retail component. In 2012 I joined a notable luxury design firm where I initially contributed to design services then ultimately directed operations and business development. My daily interaction with all types of service providers and trades has provided a solid foundation upon which to offer experienced and reliable services to the design community.

How can I help your business? The first step is to evaluate the current state of your business and identify which areas are consuming valuable creative time and face time with your clients. Then we discuss why delegating these tasks internally is not an option and why. Typically the list will contain tasks and responsibilities that are more business related and less creative. Naturally, you want your team to focus on design and creative because that’s what your client is paying for. This is where Design Biz Assistant comes in…

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