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Welcome to Design Biz Survival Guide, a podcast about life and business for interior design professionals. I’m your host – Rick Campos

Today we welcome Valerie Saunders of SERENDIPITE, a residential interior design firm www.serendipitedesigns.com. Valerie has been in the Interior design community for over 20 years and is celebrating her 9 year anniversary as the leader of her very own design firm. Valerie is the consummate “hostess with the mostess” and she uses her gracious hospitality to connect with not only her clients but also her employees, associates, and service providers.
Valerie comes from a place of giving and her message of client satisfaction coupled with her steadfast business approach is truly an inspiration that I cant wait to share with you.



I love that Valerie got personal and talked about “reflecting” on a daily basis. Taking time for herself fuels her intention for each and every day.

Hearing how Valerie grew her design team and learning about the importance of each and every member of her team was an eye opener for me and hopefully it was for you too. It takes a village as you may well know.  It also takes a reliable team of dedicated and motivated professionals to keep a design firm afloat.

Putting the client’s needs first and foremost is the foundation of Valerie’s business and she relays that value so eloquently in our discussion.

My favorite moment of the interview was Valerie’s story about that one serendipitous moment of advice from a fellow designer and how it elevated her outlook on the industry and her journey. Hearing that story just reinforced my intention for this podcast. That one moment, that one generous exchange could be the the turning point in a fellow designers career. We are all in this together and we are here for each other. The opportunity to impact the life and business of a fellow designer is not one that I take lightly. Pay it forward… pay it forward.

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